Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are delicious little butter cookies, and they’re perfect for giving to others.  They’re pretty, festive, and not too sweet.  Plus they’re easy to... Continue reading →

Ginger Snaps

I’m going to start with a little background information, and then I’ll talk about ginger snaps. 😉 When baking, I routinely ignore the instruction to... Continue reading →
Mint Brownie Recipe

Mint Brownies

These particular mint brownies are about the best things in the world!  I’m not even exaggerating!I’ve always loved the combination of chocolate and mint.  I think they’re... Continue reading →
Toffee Crackers Recipe

Toffee Crackers

Toffee Crackers will hit all your buttons!  They’re sweet and salty … crunchy and chewy … chocolate and caramel … and nutty.  Whatever you’re craving, these little beauties will cover it.  They’re... Continue reading →
Carmelitas Recipe


Okay, these homemade carmelitas take oatmeal cookie bars to another dimension. They’re like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies’ cooler, smarter, prettier, younger sister.  They’re like oatmeal... Continue reading →
Sugar Cookie Recipe

Sugar Cookies

There’s nothing more disappointing than biting into a gorgeous sugar cookie that doesn’t deliver in the taste department!  Boo!  That’s false advertising!  Sugar cookies should... Continue reading →
Christmas m&m Cookies

m&m Cookies

These m&m cookies are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.  That’s my favorite cookie texture. They’re also fun treats for holidays because... Continue reading →