Mint Brownie Recipe

Mint Brownies

These particular mint brownies are about the best things in the world!  I’m not even exaggerating!I’ve always loved the combination of chocolate and mint.  I think they’re... Continue reading →
slices of Delicious and Easy Homemade White Bread

White Bread

I think that homemade bread has magical powers!  Baking it makes me feel like a superhero; like, somehow I’m a better person than I was before.  The... Continue reading →
Toffee Crackers Recipe

Toffee Crackers

Toffee Crackers will hit all your buttons!  They’re sweet and salty … crunchy and chewy … chocolate and caramel … and nutty.  Whatever you’re craving, these little beauties will cover it.  They’re... Continue reading →

Marinara Sauce

I realize that making homemade sauce can be time consuming, but it’s not difficult. What you get for your efforts is a delicious, fresh, flavorful base for... Continue reading →
Carmelitas Recipe


Okay, these homemade carmelitas take oatmeal cookie bars to another dimension. They’re like oatmeal chocolate chip cookies’ cooler, smarter, prettier, younger sister.  They’re like oatmeal... Continue reading →